1. Who can apply?

WNST can fund:

• LB Brent (the local authority)
• Schools, colleges and other educational establishments in LB Brent
• Registered charities
• Community amateur sports clubs
• Community interest companies
• Social enterprises and other not-for-profit organisations
• Community sports clubs and groups, constituted as not-for-profit

Your organisation must either be based in LB Brent or currently providing services for people living in LB Brent.

Organisations that have previously received a grant from WNST are eligible to apply, so long as they have submitted the monitoring form at the end of their grant period. If you have not yet been sent the form then you are not yet eligible.


2. Our club/organisation is not a registered group can we still apply?

Yes, however if you are not a registered charity/CASC/CIC nor registered with your sport’s governing body, you will need to provide details of someone who can give a reference for your work. They must be independent of your organisation (ie. not a member, service user or relative) and be able to talk to us about what you do. This might be a local councillor, local authority officer, sports official or someone from a recognised body such as the local CVS. The person you name must have given their permission.


3. I am an individual providing sports coaching or training. Can I apply?

Sorry no, we do not fund individuals. We can only give grants to organisations.


4. I am an individual who wants to undertake training to achieve a coaching qualification. Can I apply?

Sorry no, we do not fund individuals. We can only give grants to organisations.


5. What type of grants do you give?

We can award grants either for capital (eg. Buildings, equipment) or revenue (eg. Running costs, salaries, training)


6. How much can we ask for?

For a Community Award, the maximum grant will be £2,500. For a Strategic Award, there is no minimum or maximum grant. However, please note that funds for these awards are limited and grants are unlikely to be above £25,000.

We are also unlikely to make Strategic Awards to smaller, local groups and clubs, with a limited number of beneficiaries.


7. Does WNST require match funding?

No. However, our funds are always limited and we may not be able to fund larger projects in full. We may therefore be interested in being part of a funding package or developing partnerships with other funders.


8. How do we apply?

You must complete one of our on-line application forms – see How to Apply. Be sure to attach or send us everything we require to process your application.


9. Do you have application deadlines?

Yes – each grants round s open for the submission of applications for a fixed period. This will be clearly stated on this website.

Applications outside of the stated periods cannot be accepted.


10. Can we make multiple applications?

No, we can only accept one application from any club/organisation in any grants round. In a very limited number of cases, we will contact separately any organisation where we might consider a second or further application.


11. Do you fund national or London-wide charities?

Yes, but we can only currently consider requests to support organisations already working in LB Brent and we may also choose to give priority to locally – based providers.


12. Do you fund churches, mosques or other faith groups?

Yes, but only for wider community-based work delivering sports programmes. We cannot fund work which aims to promote religion.


13. Are grants awarded on an “all or nothing” basis?

No, we will always make a judgement on the amount you are asking us for. As part of your application we ask you to send us evidence for the cost, so that we can assess your request properly.


14. What evidence of costs do you require?

Please provide us with a written quotation, copy of a catalogue/brochure, website reference or something similar to confirm the cost of any equipment, training course etc. for which you are seeking funds. However, remember that some suppliers may be offering deals or discounts that are only available for a limited period. WNST cannot guarantee to cover any changes in price.


15. Do you fund retrospectively?

No, we cannot fund the costs of any work you have already undertaken, any equipment already purchased or courses already attended.

Please remember that there will always be a gap between the time you apply and when we advise you of our decision (we will let you know when this will be)


16. If I apply, does this mean I will get funding?

Unfortunately not, we expect every grants round to be over – subscribed. However, we will help as many groups as we can. Remember there will be more grants rounds every year.


17. My application was rejected, when can I re-apply?

You can apply again in any subsequent grants round. Please get in touch if you would like feedback on any rejected application.


18. I already have a grant from you, when can I reapply?

You will need to have reported back to us on your current grant before you can apply again. For one-off items of expenditure this will usually be around six months after the grant was made. For longer projects, we will agree a timetable with you.


19. We were awarded a grant, what report back will you want?

We will not expect long or complex reports. But we will need to know that the grant has been spent properly and also want to hear how our award has helped your club.

• We will want evidence that the funds were spent only on the purpose for which they were awarded. We reserve the right to seek repayment of all or part of any grant which has been mis-spent or mis-applied.
• We will want to know how many people have benefitted from the grant.
• We will want to know what difference the grant has made. For example, how has it improved your service, what are you doing better or differently, what you have achieved.


20. Do you visit applicants?

We are unlikely to want to visit applicants requesting a Community Award, but may be in contact to clarify points on your application (or to speak to your reference provider, if appropriate.)

We might want to meet with applicants for Strategic Awards and will arrange a mutually convenient time with you.

We do though reserve the right to call by on any applicant or grant holder at any reasonable time.


21. Do you fund schools?

Yes, but we cannot fund work that is part of the core PE curriculum. Out-of-school hours or lunchtime clubs etc are acceptable.

You will also need to explain how the activities in your proposal are different from or additional to those being funded through your school’s PE Sports grant.

If you are looking to engage with an external coach / trainer, please tell us who.


22. Will you fund trips abroad?

No, trips abroad are ineligible for consideration.


23. Can you fund the costs of purchasing a vehicle?

No, these would not normally be eligible. We could only consider such a request where there is a very high level of use of a vehicle, specifically for sporting purposes. Please call the office to discuss any vehicle application before submitting it.


24. Do you support fundraising events where these have a sporting aspect (e.g. sponsored walk or run)?

No, we can only fund the costs of direct sports provision.